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Marriage Counseling Lincoln NE

Welcome to the wonderful world of marriage counseling Lincoln NE. Our therapists for Lincoln marriage counseling and couples therapy Lincoln NE are the best of the best.

They are full of life and joy as they help to give you a new perspective and admiration for your personal relationships.

Have you been wondering how to get the spark back into your relationship or how to understand why it is your spouse is doing what it is that they are doing?

If this is you and your relationship then this couples counseling is exactly what you are needing and in search for. We will help you to answer these questions.

lincoln couples counseling

Couples Counseling

lincoln marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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Marriage Counseling Lincoln NE

lincoln couples therapy

Marriage counseling Lincoln NE is the best at helping to create and nurture a loving relationship and atmosphere for your relationship. You have most likely heard the saying that love is a choice and not a feeling.

If you are constantly going off of your feelings you are more than likely going to end in separation or divorce.

50% of couples end in divorce and the main reason for that is differences that they have not learned how to appreciate and accept about each other.

We value hard work and determination here in couples therapy. It is our goal for our clients to be committed 110% to their relationship and to show and choose to love everyday.

We find joy and love to celebrate with you as you choose love and love wins, therefore creating a joyous and lifelong relationship.

There are so many things in life that you do not have control over, and one of those is your spouse or your significant other.

The one sure and never changing aspect that you can control is yourself and how you react and act in every situation. It is our mission to teach you how to act in love and we have done that for years for our past clients.

Why Choose Marriage Counseling Lincoln NE?

Fill out this form and call us today for a free consultation to figure out what would be the best type of counseling for you and your significant other right now in your life.

What are some main important qualities about our company that you should know while considering working with us?

  • Here's some stuff

Call us today to schedule your marriage therapy with our incredible counselors. You are their top priority and they have worked with our clients for years past to gain the credibility that they now have.

You can be sure to trust us with your deepest thoughts and feelings and we will nurture them and guide them to be the most beneficial for you and your health. We do our best to create a healthy you and healthy relationships.

We want you to get the help you need before you are at the breaking point in your relationship. You will get the most out of counseling if you call while you still have a glimpse of hope and we will build onto that to create a bucket full of happiness again.

What To Expect?

Some people are worried to come to counseling for many different reasons. They may think it will be weird and awkward, they may think they will not understand their situation, or maybe they simply think it cannot help them because of how complicated their relationship is. Do you have any of those thoughts, or any others that are keeping you from coming to counseling?

Rest assured knowing that counseling is actually quite freeing for the soul. Our counselors are the best at understanding, as they have assisted couples in every single different type of situation and circumstances.

It may be awkward the first few sessions as you are getting to know your counselor and they are getting to know you more and understand the way that you are and think. It will get less awkward as you open up and they help to teach and guide you in your relationship.

You will love the change that you see as your mind is blown by the vast amounts of knowledge that they hold and will share with you during your sessions. They are great at relaying their information to you in a way that you can understand and relate to.

Call us today to get started.

lincoln family counseling


For our services we offer both pre marriage service and also couples counseling Lincoln NE for whatever types of couples therapy it is that you are needing.

You would be surprised to know that the more we figure out what it is that you are struggling with and the way that your own personal thoughts are speaking to you, your marriage will change without truly changing anything.

We can be our own worst enemy and critique and we do our best to help you figure that out in relationship counseling.

Pre marriage counseling

Pre marriage counseling is the best thing to do for your relationship. You will learn more about each other then you even thought you could. You will understand the way that the way each of you has been raised makes a difference and an impact on your marriage.

You will get more deeply emotionally intimate as time goes on through marriage counseling before marriage.

Relationship counselling

Did a relationship that you once have now feel completely different? Maybe you feel like no matter what you try it only gets worse and you are feeling lonely and frustrated. Are you living in fear that it may end in the worst way possible?

We do our best in helping you to look past these fears and instead fill them with faith in marriage therapy Lincoln NE. We know that it can be really hard to do this if you are stuck in a place of negativity and pessimism, but know that there is hope for the future and we will help you to see that.

About Lincoln NE

Lincoln has a population of about 289,000 people and is the capital of Nebraska. One of the largest employers for the city of Lincoln is the University of Nebraska. The other top employers here are manufacturing and service companies.

Lincoln does not have any of the Nebraska Rivers running through it much like other cities in Nebraska, and Lincoln is made up of gentle rolling hills. There is a great mixture here in Lincoln of both new and old neighborhoods.

You get both cold winters here but with very little snow or rain and the summers are nice and warm and bring in many thunderstorms.

If you are looking for something fun to do while you are here you will want to visit the Sunken Gardens, the children's zoo, or catch a basketball game at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Nine of our sister cities include:

  1. Waverly, NE
  2. Eagle, NE
  3. Raymond, NE
  4. Roca, NE
  5. Denton, NE
  6. Malcolm, NE
  7. Pleasant Dale, NE
  8. Martell, NE
  9. Walton, NE
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can every counselor help the same?

No. It is crucial for you to find a counselor at marriage counseling Lincoln NE that both you and your spouse like and trust. If you do not find a counselor that you trust then you will not buy into whatever it is that your spouse and you are trying to make boundaries with. This will in turn cause more problems as you will both become frustrated as you will not see the results you desired to have.

Does couples counseling help?

Yes. Couples counselling is very successful in healing and growing your marriage. As you both come to counseling and participate in the activities and exercises given to you both during marriage counseling near me and at home, you will be very happy with your results you see and the way it guides and takes your marriage.

Do we have to come more than once a week?

No. You are welcome to come to marriage therapy as often as you would like but it is not required. The most common that people attend couples therapy near me is once a week. You can discuss with your counselor how often would be good for you to come once you have had a few sessions and they know where you are in your relationship. They can then assess what would be most beneficial for you.

Is couples counseling near me expensive?

We do our best at making marriage counselling affordable for all. We believe it is very important for every couple and especially our couples that are in crisis to have the means and ability to come to relationship counseling Lincoln NE. Finance is one of the main topics of contention in a relationship so we do our best at being a solution to that as our cost to attend is low and the value of what we provide is very high.

Customer Testimonials

I learned the best things in counseling! I learned that I had been apologizing with a but on the end of my apology which was looking like an excuse to my wife. Once I changed the way I apologized our relationship got so much closer and more close knit.

John Buckket

We decided to do premarital counseling and have seen a huge difference in our relationship. We no longer use sarcasm as that was a huge stumbling block in our relationship. We are happier than ever before!

Tiffany Whethers

I did not realize that what I say and what I do have such an impact on my spouse. Literally everything I say and do and also everything I do NOT say and NOT do says something. It has been hard for me to really understand this concept. I have had to work extra hard to be more aware of how my actions and words are looking from my husband's perspective.

Natalie Summerson

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Are you ready to take your relationship to a deeper level? Have you been struggling to overcome differences or see your partners perspective in your marriage? These are some of the many reasons we see clients in both pre marriage and marriage counseling Lincoln.

We offer some of the best marriage advice to your marriage problems from our wonderful counselors here at Marriage counseling Lincoln NE. We have worked with couples for years and have seen great success in doing so.

Do not wait any longer before filling out this form or giving us a call. We will answer all of your questions and hesitations and get you back on track to a happy relationship in no time.

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